Virgina VA - Tellus Integration Guide

CareTime - Tellus Integration

In order to connect with Tellus and send claims to Anthem, please follow these steps: 


  • Contact Tellus to set up your portal 
      1. The Tellus portal will be where you can review claims and release them
      2. This is FREE to set up and use
      3.  Email and let them know you would like to create your portal and that you will be using CareTime for EVV
      4. Tellus will direct you through the necessary steps 
  • Contact CareTime 
      1. Email and let us know your agency would like to send claims to Tellus 
  • Learn how to send claims
      1. There are certain fields that must be filled out in order to send claims 
      2. If you have not completed a claims billing training, contact to set up a training session
  • Get your account Tellus ready 
      1. In facility setup, add the Medicaid ID for your agency
      2. In the client advanced tab, put the client's Medicaid ID in external code 1 for every consumer with claims that will be sent to Tellus
      3. Fill out the client's gender and date of birth, both are found in the client location tab
      4. In the payers list, the payer text code ANTV needs to go in the claim submission Payer ID for Anthem. 
      5. If all of this information is not filled out for each consumer, your claims will be rejected
  • Send a Claim
      1. To send selected visits to Tellus, on the claim billing list, select the “Tellus Export” button
      2. The file is sent directly to Tellus, it will not download to your computer 
      3. Email as soon as your first test claim has been submitted (after sending your first successful claim, you do not have to notify us any further) 
  • Log into your Tellus Portal
    1. Sign into your Tellus Portal to see if the claims you sent are showing correctly (it may take some time to show in the portal, check a couple hours after sending or the following day) 
    2. Let support@caretime know if you do not see the claims you sent in the Tellus portal
    3. Release the claims (an auto-release feature is coming soon to Tellus) 


If you have questions at any time please email or call 888-400-5048

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