Georgia GA - Tellus Integration Guide for Georgia

In order to connect with Tellus and send claims to the Georgia Department of Community Health, please follow these steps: 

  • Complete and send the EVV attestation for the state
      1. Attestations can be found here:
      2. Once completed, send it to
  • Contact Tellus to set up your portal 
      1. The Tellus portal will be where you can review claims and release them
      2. This is FREE to set up and use
      3.  Email and let them know you would like to create your portal and that you will be using CareTime for EVV
      4. Tellus will direct you through the necessary steps 


  • Learn how to send claims
      1. There are certain fields that must be filled out in order to send claims 
      2. If you have not completed a claims billing training, contact to set up a training session
      3. Understand how to set up activity code based billing 
  • Get your account Tellus ready 
      1. In Agency Settings, In the Configurations tab, make sure your State Settings is set to Georgia 
      2. In facility setup, add the Medicaid ID(s) for your agency
        1. If you have multiple medicaid ids, create a facility for each, and name the facility after the corresponding program and medicaid id
      3. In the client’s basic tab, select the facility the client is associated with
      4. In the client advanced tab, put the client's Medicaid ID in external code 1 for every consumer with claims that will be sent to Tellus
      5. In the client's billing tab, make sure billing is on and set to claims. You must enter their icd-10 code here. 
      6. In the client’s insurance tab, select the payer, program, enter an effective date, and mark the insurance as active
      7. Fill out the client's gender and date of birth, both are found in the client location tab
      8. In the payers list, add a payer for each program, the payer text code GDCH needs to go in the claim submission Payer ID for the Georgia Department of Community Health no matter the program. Add the applicable CPT codes and rates.
        1. Ex: GA DCH CCSP, GA DCH ICWP
      9. Add the authorization for the client filling out all fields and adding the activity code
      10. If all of this information is not filled out for each consumer, your claims will be rejected
      11. Tellus wants to receive scheduled visits as well, these are sent automatically when entered in the system
        1. The authorization must be in the system beforehand so it can be selected when creating the schedule
        2. If the authorization is not on the schedule, the schedule will not be sent 
        3. Scheduled visits must be in the system a half hour before the visit will take place 
        4. The caregiver must clock in to the scheduled shift within 45 minutes of the start time or it will not be linked to the shift 
      12. Side-note: Do not change or edit anything related to the job/auth while the shift is in progress because it could alter the data in the clock out file and Tellus may reject it
  • Editing Time Cards
      1. When editing or adding timecards partners/staff should select from the list of tellus reason codes. Those codes are denoted by the word tellus in the code.  Using these reason codes will stop the need to manually fix edited or added timecards in the tellus portal
      2. reason_code

        105-TELLUS - Services provided outside the home

        115-TELLUS - Individual/Member agreed or requested attendant or assigned staff not work schedule

        200-TELLUS - Small Alternative Device has been ordered

        205-TELLUS - Small Alternative Device Pending Installation

        210-TELLUS - Missing Small Alternative Device

        300-TELLUS - Phone Lines not working. Attendant or assigned staff not able to call in.

        305-TELLUS - Malfunctioning small alternative device or invalid small alternative device value

        310-TELLUS - Malfunctioning Mobile Application

        400-TELLUS - Individual/Member does not have a home phone

        405-TELLUS - Phone unavailable –Verified services were delivered

        410-TELLUS - Individual/Member refused attendant or assigned staff use of phone –verified services were delivered

        800-TELLUS - GPS Coordinates Not Matched

        900-TELLUS - Attendant or Assigned Staff failed to call in or called in early/late–verified services were delivered

        905-TELLUS - Attendant or Assigned Staff failed to call out early/late –verified services were delivered

        910-TELLUS - Attendant or assigned staff failed to call in and out –or both the in and out times were late/early --verified services were delivered

        915-TELLUS - Wrong phone number –verified services were delivered

        9098-TELLUS - Caregiver: Alternate Caregiver Performed Services. Verified Services Performed.

        9104-TELLUS - Caregiver: Forgot to Check-In. Verified Services Performed

        9106-TELLUS - Caregiver: Forgot to Check-Out. Verified Services Performed

        9112-TELLUS - Caregiver: Scheduling Mistake. Verified Services Performed.

        9114-TELLUS - eVV Device: Device Lost or Stolen.  Verified Services Performed

        9116-TELLUS - eVVDevice: Device Not Yet Operational. Verified Services Performed.

        9118-TELLUS - eVV Device: Malfunctioning Device. Verified Services Performed

        9120-TELLUS - eVV Device: No Phone/Device/Verification Method Available. Verified Services Performed

        9122-TELLUS - eVVDevice: Recipient Would not Allow Caregiver to use their Phone.  Verified Services Performed.

        9124-TELLUS - eVV Device: Telephone/Telecommunications Unavailable or Failure. Verified Services Performed.

        9126-TELLUS - General: Disaster or Emergency. Verified Services Performed.

        9134-TELLUS - General: Services Provided at Alternate Location. Verified Services Performed.

        9168-TELLUS - Telemedicine

        9170-TELLUS - Acceptable per Payer Rule

  • Send a Claim
      1. CareTime will enter the Tellus SFTP details for you, let know when all the necessary information has been entered and that you need the Tellus SFTP details put in (for automatic sending)
      2. Select the facility with the correct medicaid id for the payer/program before sending the visits. You can use the consumer’s default facility option to make this process easier. 
      3. To send selected visits to Tellus, on the claim billing list, select the “Tellus Export” button
      4. The file is sent directly to Tellus, it will not download to your computer 
      5. Email as soon as your first test claim has been submitted (after sending your first successful claim, you do not have to notify us any further) 
  • Log into your Tellus Portal
      1. Sign into your Tellus Portal to see if the claims you sent are showing correctly (it may take some time to show in the portal, check a couple hours after sending or the following day) 
      2. Let know if you do not see the claims you sent in the Tellus portal
  • Understanding and Utilizing the Missed Visit Report 
    1. For any scheduled shift where a visit was not conducted, you will need to select a reason why the caregiver was unable to complete the visit
    2. Once a reason is selected, you can send the information to Tellus through this report 


  • Rejections and How to Correct Them
    1. Rejected visits will be sent to the agency admin by the CareTime Team unless otherwise instructed. 
    2. Visits that were rejected can be selected, sent back to the "Pending" tab, and resubmitted from the Claims Billing List. 

If you have questions at any time please email or call 888-400-5048

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