Indiana IN - Sandata EVV Connection Guide

Indiana Agencies Using CareTime for EVV


To begin the process, the agency needs to contact Indiana using the following instructions. 


Providers using an alternate EVV vendor will need to start the process for having their system interface with the Aggregator by sending an email to with the following subject line and details:


  • Subject: Request for EVV Vendor Certification CareTime
  • Provider name - Agency to fill out 
  • Provider contact name and email address - Agency to fill out 
  • Vendor name - CareTime
  • Vendor contact name and email address - Cara Rodriguez


The agency must send their information to to verify certification. CareTime is already certified to send visits to Sandata in Indiana. 


After certification has been verified, Sandata should send you a welcome email and your production credentials. Please forward these to as soon as you receive them. 


Required Fields 


Agency Details

  • In the Agency Details, Configurations tab, set the state to Indiana the click save

Payer fields that must be entered:

  • Add a payer, the name must be entered as INFSSA
  • Add all CPT Codes and modifiers you use to the payer (Please let us know if we need to add any CPT codes to the list for you)

Client fields that must be entered: 

  • First name
  • Late name
  • Medicaid id - in client external code 1
  • Payor in insurance tab must be INFSSA
  • Program in insurance tab must be Indiana 
  • Insurance start date and end date must be entered - mark as active
  • Full address - zip code should be 9 digits. If the +4 cannot be provided, use ‘0000’ at the end

Employee fields that must be entered:

  • SSN
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Employee email (duplicates are not allowed) 


Decide on How to Link CPT Code 

  • You will want to either do activity code based billing or set a default billing code. With activity code based billing the caregiver can select what activity (connected to a CPT code) they will be performing during the visit. Or you can set a default billing code where the same CPT code is applied to every visit. Let us know which one you would like to move forward with so we can help you set them up. Sandata requires the CPT code attached to the visit.
  • Modifiers must be added, see the attached image of acceptable CPT code and modifier combinations 

Other requirements: 

  • Understanding and using the exception report 
  • Understanding that all manually edited/added timecards will need to have a reason code, notes to explain why the change is happening, and an attestation saying they have supporting documentation 
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