CareTime's Form Builder

CareTime's Custom Forms Builder

The forms builder allows you to create and assign forms to specific consumers. 

We understand that one form does not fit all, which is why you will be able to create multiple customized forms. You can use a premade CareTime form template or upload a fillable PDF as well. 

See a short demo explainer video here. 

Forms Menu Item

Users who are granted access to the form builder will see the Forms menu item on the left. Permissions for the builder can be found under Role Management. 

What can custom forms be used for? 

Progress Notes
Medication Administration
Anything you can think of or need!

The Forms List

Every form that has been created can be found in the forms list. Here you can create a new form by clicking the button in the top right, or modify a current form. 

Forms that start with "CT Form" signifies that the form was created by using a premade template. The fields in these forms cannot be edited. However, if you click the eye icon, you will be able to see all the fields and change who the form is assigned to. 


Creating Your Own Form

If you want to design your own form, keep the dropdown at the top right set to "Custom Form". Then you can drag and drop the fields you would like to see in the form. 

There are a variety of different options available such as: 

  • Text Field
  • Address Field
  • Checkboxes 
  • Select Boxes
  • Radio Buttons 
  • Phone Number Field 
  • Predefined Fields 
    • If you use a predefined field, if that information is in the Consumer tab, the field will be automatically filled with the known information when a caregiver goes to fill it out 
    • Ex: Client First Name, Client Last Name, Client Address

Once the form has all the components you would like, give the form a title, and assign it to a particular job (or all jobs).


Uploading a Fillable PDF

If you have a fillable PDF that you want to turn into a form, in the top right dropdown select "Custom PDF". It must be generated by Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF generator. 

Click "Upload PDF" and click on the PDF located on your computer. The fields will automatically populate to match what is on the form. If any of the field labels are not correct, you can double click the label to edit it. 

If this form is filled out and downloaded, the information will appear in the original document that was uploaded. 

Using a Premade CareTime Form Template

If you are interested in using a template that has already been created, you can see what forms are available by clicking the dropdown in the top right. 

All premade templates will be listed there under the Custom Form and Custom PDF options. You can click on one of the forms to see what fields are included. If you want to use the template, simply give the form a name, assign it to jobs, then hit create form. 

The form will then appear in the forms list. Remember, these premade forms cannot be edited any further other than changing who it is assigned to. 


The Client Forms Tab

You will see a new tab in the Client Module dedicated to forms. 

From this screen, you can see all of the forms that are assigned to that particular job. If the form was created by using a fillable PDF, you can view the original document. *note that caregivers can fill out forms directly from the CareTime mobile app using the FORMS button!

To fill out a form click the "Fill Out" button. All of the fields will appear so they can be filled and saved. 


Completed Forms

In the client forms tab, select the "Completed Form" radio button. You will see a list of all the completed forms, who completed the form, and the time they were completed. 

You can quickly view the filled out form by clicking the eye icon or download the form by clicking the download button. 

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