Mobile App Setup


Downloading the App 

The CareTime mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android. 

Click here to download the CareTime app from the Apple App Store. 

Click here to download the CareTime app from the Google play store

Logging in to the Mobile App

Your Agency Code and User Code will be provided by your agency administrator. 

  • The Agency Code can be found in the Agency Detail section in the main CareTime application. 
  • The User Code is the 4 or 6 digit Employee Code found in the Caregiver/PA section in the main CareTime application. It is the column on the left when looking at the Caregiver/PA list. 
  • Birth date is the caregiver's day of birth which is set in the Caregiver/PA edit screen towards the bottom of the Location tab. 

When the app asks permission to share location, the caregiver must select yes in order for the app to use GPS to verify their location. If they are using the bluetooth device to clock in and out they must enable the app to use bluetooth. 

Also, be sure to check out our Mobile App Training Video.


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