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Downloading the App 

The CareTime mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android. 

Click here to download the CareTime app from the Apple App Store. 

Click here to download the CareTime app from the Google play store   


Logging in to the Mobile App

Your Agency Code and User Code will be provided by your agency administrator. 

  • The Agency Code (or Agency ID) can be found in the top left section of the dashboard (near your agency name and IVR number) or in the Agency Detail section in the main CareTime application. 
  • The User Code is the 4 or 6 digit Employee Code found in the Caregiver/PA section in the main CareTime application. It is the column on the left when looking at the Caregiver/PA list. 
  • Birth date is the caregiver's day of birth which is set in the Caregiver/PA edit screen towards the bottom of the Location tab. PLEASE MAKE SURE CAREGIVER'S DOB IS ENTERED ON THEIR RECORD.

When the app asks permission to share location, the caregiver must select yes in order for the app to use GPS to verify their location. If they are using the bluetooth device to clock in and out they must enable the app to use bluetooth. 


Mobile App Training Resources

Be sure to check out our Mobile App Training Video and Mobile App Troubleshooting article.

There are also PDFs for caregivers and admins attached to the bottom of this article. 


Navigating Through the App

  • Today Page
    • When logging in, you will be brought to the Today page. This lists any jobs that the caregiver can clock in to as well as any scheduled jobs for the day. You can also see if the caregiver is clocked in to any jobs currently or if the caregiver completed any other visits today. 
    • At the top of each consumer’s name in the app, you can see how many miles away their home is. If you click on the miles, your phone’s map will open with the consumer’s address set as the destination.
    • If you click on the consumer’s name, you can view their care plan, add a note, and clock in. 
    • Hit Clock In and then confirm that you want to clock in, once that is done you will be brought back to the Today page. 
    • To clock out, under Clocked in Jobs select the consumers name and then hit Clock Out, you may be required to complete a few extra steps to complete the clock out such as answering questions or collecting signatures. 
    • Once you clock out, you will see the visit under Completed Visits. Please make sure there is a green checkmark next to the visit, signifying that data has made it over to CareTime. If there is a red exclamation mark, it means your data did not send. This is usually due to having no internet connection. Make sure you find a connection and refresh the app until the visit shows the green checkmark. 
  • Menu 
    • In the top left of the Today Page, you will see an icon that is three horizontal lines, this is the menu button. Clicking on the menu button will open a list of other pages for you to view. 
  • Jobs Nearby
    • See any jobs that you are in proximity to. You can also clock in to a job from here
  • Job Notes
    • Any notes you have recently entered for a job through the mobile app will be listed here
  • Upcoming Jobs 
    • View any future scheduled shifts coming this week 
  • Hours worked 
    • View shifts you previously completed through the mobile app
  • Notifications
    • View any notifications put out by your agency administrators
  • Preferences
    • Caregivers can set their client preferences and availability to be used in the CareTime Advanced Scheduler
  • Logout 
    • To log out of the app, select Logout and then confirm you would like to close your session


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