How to Create Custom Groups?

Caretime provides agencies the ability to lump more than one custom prompt (caregiver tasks)  in a custom group (care plan).  Before setting up Custom Groups, you will need to create Custom Prompts, please see this article on how to set up custom prompts:


Once Custom Prompts are set up, please follow the instructions below:

1. From left menu, click on Manage Lists, then Custom Prompt Groups

2. Top right in blue, click on Add New Custom Prompt Group

3. Provide a group name that describes the plan.  Remember, this is the name that will show up in Job when you associate the group to the Job

4. Click on the dropdown and select one or more custom prompts for this group

5. Click Save Changes


Once Custom Group is created, you will need to associate Custom Group to the Job.  Click on Job, click on the edit pencil next to a specific job, go to Custom Prompt tab, select radio button, Use Custom Group, and then select the group name for this job.


Note: You can associate one custom group to a job

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