Budget Threshold Alerts


CareTime includes a powerful tool to monitor utilization of authorized service hours for a patient or consumer. When you are assigned a case with authorized service hours you want to be sure you are meeting those service hours and not exceeding them.  In CDS/CDPAS this can be extremely difficult since you do not control the schedule for the Consumer's aide. In-home care is just as important to monitor the actual hours you are spending each day. CareTime provides the ability to receive notifications and print reports if the hours you have delivered exceed a threshold you set.  

As an example, if you are authorized 10 hours a week and have set your alert notification at 75%, your notification group assigned to that case will receive an alert by text or e-mail when someone exceeds 7.5 hours.  This way you can manage the hours to be delivered for the remaining days of the week.  CareTime allows you to address overages before they happen

Follow these steps to activate this powerful feature. 

You must be an administrator in CareTime to activate this feature.

You must have set up your alert notifications.  

You must have budgets set up in CareTime on each job/patient/consumer


Step 1: Log in to Caretime using your credentials and navigate to "Agency Detail"

Step 2: Click on the "Configuration" tab

Step 3: Scroll down until you see "Budget Alert". Select the "Yes" button and type in the threshold % you wish you be notified.


Click "Save Changes"




You can now receive notifications based on weekly budgeted hours only.  








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