How to Use the new Caretime Time Card Report for payroll and billing - A "step by step" explanation

Caretime's new time card report can be used for both payroll and billing exports.

Step 1: Navigate to LOGS/TIMECARDS in the top menu bar. Select Time Cards Report 


Step 2: Click in the first box and select the "Zone" you would like to display from the list or begin typing in the box. (Type ahead). You can select one Zone or "All" to show timecards in that Zone


Step 3: If you selected a zone you will need to choose to show All employees or just one from list.


Step 4:  Select a Date Range.  Dates default to current pay period.  You can select the icon to select a different date range.


Step 5: 

Press Blue search button to display "summary view" with basic information




Step 6: select "Show Details" to display other details on timecards like Rounded hours, Activity Codes, Caller ID of phone calls and Notes (for auditing and compliance)

Step 7:  

You can select "Group by Job" to sort timecards by the work location for billing purposes.




Step 8:  You can also sort by "activity code" which displays the timecards associated with multiple pay rates. The details also show notes on the timecard.




Step 9:  Select "Show Job Code" to display numeric value associated with job code (work location)




Step 10:

You can sort by clicking on the grey title bar.



Step 11:  

Click, drag and drop (sort) columns where you want them 



Step 12:  

The Excel Export is exactly like you arranged them.



Step 13:  The "Export CSV" is a raw file and the PDF is a pre-formatted report































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