CareTime User Roles and Access

CareTime provides each Agency complete control of what access to grant staff employees.  This custom module also allows agencies complete control of user roles.  A new agency account will start with a set of user roles available for use right away.  However, Agency Administrator can change access for these roles and create new ones if deemed necessary. 

Who can edit changes to staff roles?

CareTime limits this access to only the Agency Administrator

How do I see/edit the pre-configured list of Roles and access permissions for each role?

Upon CareTime login, from left menu, click on Role Management. Click on the User Role dropdown and see a complete list of all roles and the current access permissions assigned for each role. To add or remove access permission for any role, select the role from the dropdown menu and use the 'turn on/off' switch.  Then click Save changes.

Can I create my own custom roles?

Yes, you have complete flexibility of creating and managing your own custom role.  Click on 'by Module' radio button.  Type in name of role in 'Enter Role Name' box and click on Add.  You will see the new role displayed in the list.  Now, click on 'by Employee' radio button, select the role you just created from the dropdown menu, and use the switch buttons to manage access levels for this role.  Click Save changes once done.

How do I disable Roles not used by my Agency?

Upon CareTime login, from left menu, click on Role Management.  The default view is (by Employee) radio button.  Click on the 'by Module' radio button.  Disable the ones you do not need and then click Save changes.

Is there a View Only role in Caretime?

Yes, CareTime will provides a View Only role for agencies.  A staff with View Only role cannot make edits or changes in the system.  To assign a staff employee to View Only role, select Employee from left menu, find employee using the Search feature, click on the Edit pencil. In Employee Level dropdown, select ViewOnly and then click Save.


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