Custom Prompt Report

Custom Prompt Report provides agency users the ability to view and print prompt answers that caregivers employees select when clocking out.  To view the report:

- Navigate to REPORTS (you can find this on top right menu bar next to LOGS/TIMECARDS)

- Select Custom Prompt Report

- From Selection Option dropdown, select view options by date, employee or job

- Select zone

- From Select Value dropdown, select name of employee or job

- Select date range by using calendar boxes

Then click Search button


Need to See More than 10 Rows Per Page?

Bottom right section of the report, change Rows per Page from default value of 10 to 25, 50 or 100


Need to filter Report by Questions?

Use the filter Select Question, select the Question, and then in Enter Answer box, type what answer you want to filter on (for example, Yes, NO, etc.)

The click Search


Can I change Responses from No to Yes?

Click on the Edit Notes/Response button for a given response, type the desired response, add comments for the change and then click Save changes.  Your edited response and original response will be displayed in the report.

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