How to Add a Shift/Schedule?

Select Scheduling from left menu bar

Click on + Add (top left of calendar), add Shift modal will appear

Select Start Date/Time of Shift

Enter duration of shift (End Date will be automatically calculated) OR Select End Date/Time (Duration will be calculated)

Select Job by typing Job name or selecting from the drop down menu.  You will notice that system will automatically populate zone.

Same with Employee

Click on Next 

If not "RECURRING", click "Save" changes

If "RECURRING", select Yes radio button for Recurrence

You can select recurrence on daily, weekly or monthly

You can either End after (if you want to end after a certain of recurrences) or you can select End on (if you want recurrence to end on a date).

You can also view schedules from the Scheduling module by using Filters that appear on top

To view Schedules in a report, select Weekly Schedule from Reports menu (top right)



If you select a Job that has an associated authorization, an Authorization selection drop down appear next to Job.  If the Shift falls within the valid date range of the authorization period, the authorization will appear as a drop down to select from.  If your shift falls outside the date range of the authorization, it will not show in the dropdown.

For adding shifts for a job associated with authorization, select zone, job,employee, start, end and then got to Authorization and select authorization.




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