Mobile Employee Clock In/Out Steps


STEP 1: Mobile Device Settings/Sharing

Ensure mobile device has Location Services 'Turned On' 

For IOS devices,

Go to Settings/Privacy and ensure Location Services radio button is on (showing green).  Navigate to Safari Websites, and select 'While Using App' - you should see a blue check mark once selected

For Android devices, 

  1. Open the Google Chrome app .
  2. Touch the Chrome menu .
  3. Touch Settings > Site settings > Location.
  4. Use the switch to either have Chrome ask before accessing your location, or to block all sites from accessing your location.
  5. Touch the specific blocked or allowed sites to manage exceptions.


STEP 2: Installing App on Your Mobile Device

a. Use your device's native browser and type ,

b. Use browsers settings to add app to home screen or save as a bookmark


STEP 3: Employee Log In

a. Launch Caretime Mobile by tapping on the app

b. Click OK when prompted to share current location

c. Complete Registration by entering Agency Code, Employee Code, and Birth Year (needs to match Caretime 2.0 system records for successful validation)

d. Log in


STEP 4: Clocking In & Clocking Out

 a. After logging in, you may be asked to click Ok to share location - it is important to keep sharing location anytime prompted

b. Scheduled Job will hows jobs scheduled for employee today.  Active Job will show Job employee is currently clocked in with.

c. Clock In for Scheduled Job - tap on name and click clock in

d. Clock in for Unscehduled Job - click on 3 bars (top left) to view Main Menu, then click on Jobs Nearby.  Then tap on Job and click clock in

d. To Clock Out - upon logging in, you will see Clocked in job on the main landing page.  Click to clock out. 

e. If Job has associated prompts, mobile app will present those questions to be answered before employee can lcok out.


Reports Available in Mobile App

Click on the 3 parallel bar (top right)

Today - landing page

Jobs Nearby - shows Jobs near mobile app

Job Notes - lists notes taken when clocking in and clocking out

Upcoming Jobs - jobs scheduled 

Hours Worked - actual hours worked

My Notification - agency notification will show here


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