You can see schedules in two ways.

Calendar View

You can see all Schedules by day, week, month using the Scheduling module

From left menu, go to Scheduling.  Default view is 'today' and for all schedles for agency.  To see by day, week or month, make selection from top right

In order to see the schedule of a specific employee or job, use the filter functions on top


List View

In order to see a list view of schedules, from left menu, navigate to Reports, then Schedule

Select Zone filter, then select Job, Employee or Date

Zone, Date - shows date first, then employee and all jobs associated with the employee

Zone, Employee - shows employee first, then all jobs and schedule dates associated with the employee

Zone, Job - shows job first, then all employees and schedule dates associated with job

Remember: use the Hide button to see the total hours scheduled by day, employee or job

Click Export CSV or Download PDF to get a printable version



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