How to Add Shift using Map View?

Map View is a simple yet powerful tool to help Administrators and Schedulers view Jobs and Employees on a map and determine the best choice for the Job based on location and other factors.

1. From left menu, select Map View

2. From top menu, select Zone and then select the Job (you will only see Jobs for the Zone selected).  Click on the Search button

3. J bubble represents the Job and the blue bubbles represent employees.  You will also see a list of the employees below the map.

4. Select one or more employees.  You will see the right information bar populates with employee distance and address from the Job

5. Once decided on an employee, select the Add Shift button.  This will take you to the Add Shift module from where you can proceed with schedule (see How to Add Shift?)

Note: Use the + or - button top left to expand or collapse view for better navigation

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