How to Set Up Custom Prompts?

Caretime provides a simple, effective and flexible way for you to manage tasks/prompts at clock in and/or clock out.  


a. From left menu, select Manage Lists.  From drop down, Select Custom Prompt
b. Click on Add Custom Prompt
c. Prompt Name: add a brief and concise name for the prompt (e.g. Feed Patient)
d. Prompt Text: this is the text that will be read for employee to select form - we recommend you add the description as a question (e.g. Did you feed the patient?)
e. Type the response you want the telephone system to read out.  Add multiple answers with a comma (e.g. Yes, No, Refused)
f. You are not limited to the number of prompts you can add

In the above example, the system would work as follows:

At clock-in or clock-out (you can set this when creating a Job), system will read:

Did you feed the patient?  Press 1 for Yes, Press 2 for No, Press 3 for Refused

NOTE: The order of the answers (#5) matter.  If you type as follows, No, Yes, Refused, system will read, Did you feed patient, Press 1 for No, Press 2 for Yes, Press for Refused



a. From Add New Job or by clicking on Edit button for an existing Job, navigate to the Custom Prompts tab

b. Select During Clock In or During Clock out depending on when you want your employee to hear the prompts

c. Select from the list of available prompts.  To add more, click on the plus (+) sign.  The order of prompts on this screen is the order the system will use to read to the employee 

d. Save changes



In order to review prompt activity, navigate to LOGS in left menu and go to Custom Prompts.  Use the filter dropdown selections to narrow you results (if needed).  Then click on a specific Job, and you will see a list of the prompt results for the Job.  Any notes added by employee will appear in the Note column for the prompt


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