Edit Employee Timecards

In order to edit time cards, select Edit Timecards from left menu.

Status Definition:

In Progress: Employee clocked but did not clock out - shift in progress.  Shown as a red question mark.

Missed Clock Out: Employee did not clock out and system clocked out employee automatically (requires edit).  Shown as a red Flag.

1. Find Employee/Time Card

Default view is date search.  Click on the Search button.  You will see a list of employees on left panel in alphabetical order.  

Click a specific employee and you will see employee's timecards in right panel.

2. Edit Timecard

From right panel, click on Edit pencil.  

3. Make the Edit

In the expanded box, enter specific date/time for clock in, clock out or both.  Verify duration is correct.

4. Select Authorization if applicable

If time card is associated with an authorization, system will prompt you to select Authorization when you click Update.

5. Select Activity Code if applicable

6. Click Update

The expanded box will disappear and the edited date/time/duration will be applied.

To Inactivate Time Cards, please on Inactivate button. Timecard duration will be recorded as zero.

To see a detailed timecard report with audit changes, go to Logs / Time Cards and select detailed timecard.  Then click on the box Detailed View.



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