How to Add/Edit Authorization?

Authorization module help you create, edit and track authorizations for a Job.

1. From left menu, go to Authorization

2. Click on Add Authorization

3. Select Zone from drop down menu - if you don't see your zone, type name until name appears, then select

4. Select Job from drop down menu - if you don't see the Job, type Job name until the name appears, the select

5. Add Payor Reference Number - this is the authorization code from the Payor

6. Add Payor/Medicare ID

7. Select Skillset - this is the service or the general skill needed (Note: Skillsets must be created in Manage Lists)

8. Select Activity Code - this is the type of Activity for this service - often corresponds to the CPT code (Note: Activity must be created in Manage Lists)

9. Select Start Date according to payor authorization guidelines

10. Select End Date according to Payor authorization guidelines

11. Authorization Hours - add number of hours authorized

12. Select Frequency - select frequency of authorized hours

13.  Add notes specific to this Authorization

14. Click on Save Changes

You will now see this Authorization as a line item in the Authorization List View


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